Anand Kumar Blogging 2.0 Starts From Today!

I have been very lazy or busy in some other stuff. Sorry for that!

Now, It’s time to make a few changes.

  1. Regular Posts on my blogs
    1. NetRival – Where I share most of the stuffs related to Technology, Telecom and Gadgets
    2. BlogSynthesis – What I learnt of Blogging and Internet Marketing.
    3. UbuntuBeginner – My love towards Open-Source Software.
    4. WPAvenue – Discuss about WordPress, Blogging, SEO and content Marketting.
    5. – Not my very first personal blog but setting my own branding here and share some interesting stuff and my dreams with your, here.
    6. Rest all are GONE. (Sorry for that!)
  2. Better communication on social media
    1. Ah, I have never been a social media expert and still not. But I will try to follow some untold rules of social media, hope that will work.

From now, I will blog in a pattern. I am sure that will work if I follow my own rules.

My very first post in @_Anand_Kumar blogging 2.0 will start from a blog-post series “Gadget This Week”. In this series, I will pick and review one gadget or product (only devices). The reason behind this approach is to keep you away from information overdose. Actually, I have subscribed to many gadgets related blog and get more than thousands of messages every week. Yeah, The number is quite low or high (depending on how much gadget freak you are). This is Why I decided to pick one gadget a week, somehow the best, and share it with you. It will keep you to choose the best in every aspect.

DISCLAIMER: This series will not be for gadget freaks who changes their phones every week or every month. You should head yourself to some other blogs.

What’s will be on the v2 of

When I created this blog my intention was to share information about Telecom, Technology, Gadgets and How-to Guides. But after so many years. I bacame lazy and till now there are barely 223 posts live on this blog. Sigh..

Now, I decided to share quite a frequent post every week, may be 4 or 5.

  • 1 Gadget
  • 2 Apps or Software Review
  • 2 Tech Tips (How-to Guide)
  • And, Telecom (Data) updates as important they are.

A similar pattern will be followed on other blogs too!

Help me to choose the best

A blog could never be successful without its loyal visitors. You can make all the difference. This is why I need your support to choose the best of the best and you opinion about the posts or any idea that could be useful or just chit-chat. You will just need to fill this contact form and start getting connected.

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